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Building and Scaling OEM Sales Orgs and Strategic Sales Forces


In this special edition of Revenue Optimization Radio, Patrick Morrissey highlights two previous interviews. In this first half, we catch up with Patrick rushing through the airport talking with Ryan Begin from Salesforce - also on the go. We love the portability of podcasts. There's a bit of signal fluctuation between airports, but you'll want to listen carefully to Ryan as he tells us the 8 steps required to hire, build and scale an OEM sales model to deliver revenue.

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Focus on Sales Enablement with Jim Lundy and Doug Landis


Today is a special episode focusing on sales enablement with three experts starting with our host, Patrick Morrissey. In the first half, Patrick interviews Aragon Research CEO Jim Lundy about the increasingly important topic of sales enablement.  Lundy tells us about the weaknesses and falsehoods that are unknowingly crippling a large number of B2B firms. One thought that you’ll hear again and again is, “And they don’t even know it.”  This program is filled with ways to fix what you don’t know is dragging down company revenue. Original episode is here >

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Being Intentional With the Interview Process So You Don’t End Up With a Bunch of People That Look Like You.


To effect a change means you need to change thinking and mindset, and that changes behaviors and outcomes.

Think about the face you are presenting to your candidate. Look at the leadership team, the C-suite, do you see diversity, people of color in leadership roles. 

She answers the question, "What should organizations do to enable the organizations, the behavior, the mindset shift that really bakes into the culture and that creates a place that a high-performing woman would want to come to work, and stay for a long time?

As a company, these are the things you can do:

1. Be intentional about recruiting and interviewing. Diverse candidates AND interviewers. It's natural for us to look for people that look like us.

2. Provide opportunities to do more - more executive exposure, more projects. As a leader push your female employees and leaders to get out of their comfort box.

3. Have a career path, preferably several. Show them how to navigate through these paths.

Melissa Church is currently Executive Director, NC and GA Dual Special Needs Plan, Community Plan of North Carolina for UnitedHealth Group. She is responsible for driving operational excellence for our dual-eligible Medicare/Medicaid population. Responsible for the financial, operational, quality and sales success of our DSNP plan. Previously she was Vice President of Growth Operations for UnitedHealth Group and Vice President, Sales Operations for Optum.


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Revenue Optimization Radio is hosted by Patrick Morrissey of Altify which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  Altify is the sponsor of Revenue Optimization Radio.

Do you hand off for on-boarding reps, or keep them close to ensure success?


High performing sales starts with the hiring process and comes to life in the on-boarding process. Every sales leader is looking for ways to improve the onboarding process and make their team more productive, more quickly.

There is no 3-D printer or factory producing the best sales professionals. You need diversity training, an understanding of our pitch, presentations, products, content, and culture. The biggest challenge Craig sees is the participation by sales leaders. They seem to turn the responsibility over to a different set of folks to get the carefully hired person ready to generate revenue. There is a tension between sales leaders handing off people to be onboarded so they can work with the reps already in place. They just hope they'll get the right outcome in the end. The two need to be in alignment.

In this episode, Craig Sawicki, VP of Sales Excellence at Altify, will give his insights and best practice on how to onboard, to certify and turn new hires into active performers more quickly and build for scale.


Altify   Funnel Radio Podcast Channel by the Funnel Media Group, LLC

Revenue Optimization Radio is hosted by Patrick Morrissey of Altify which is a program on the Funnel Radio Channel.  Altify is the sponsor of Revenue Optimization Radio.

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